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Monday, 2 December 2019

I was so lucky when Stacey walked into my life.  She has been Platinum's rock this year and when I tasked her with not only learning the ropes of event floral design, but taking a full step ahead into SO many more aspects of the business, she really took the lead.  She's our  DIY queen, creating up our awesome boutonniere tags, behind the scenes photography, gardener, flower presser, and well, she  produced our Holiday tea Blends.  Stacey is also a part time student studying herbal medicine and is a herbal therapist in training.  I knew I wanted our client gifts to be uber cute and meaningful this year and asked Stacey what she could create for our incredible tribes.  Stacey gave it a thought and came up with our custom blended tea! She produced a herbal tea that truly reflects Platinum Floral Designs, it's a little flowery, sweet, delicious, organic, made with biodegradable bags and of course has super healing medicinal properties.

As the holidays approach we want to make sure you feel your best. She formulated a custom tea blend to help support your immune system and soothe your digestive system.  

Here's what Stacey included:  
Avena sativa* seed (Milky Oats)
Calendula officinalis* flower (Calendula)
Matricaria recutita* flower (Chamomile)
Rosa canina* fruit (Rose Hips)
Sambucus nigra* berry (Elderberry)
Zingiber officinale* root (Giner)

Add tea bag to hot water. Cover and steep for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!

Why cover your tea while it steeps?
Those lovely smells wafting up while your tea steeps are the volatile/essential oils evaporating into the air. Covering your tea while it steeps helps to hold in the volatile/essential oils and enables you to ingest more beneficial properties of the herbs.

Organic Avena sativa seed (Milky oats)
These oat seeds are called milky oats because they are picked when the seeds are not yet fully mature and contain a milky sap. They are known to help alleviate anxiety, stress and improve your mood. Oats are nutritive, wound healing and demulcent (they help coat and soothe the tissues of your digestive tract).
Fun Fact – These milky oats were grown near Tina’s hometown in Saskatchewan!

Organic Calendula officinalis flower (Calendula)
Calendula flowers are little rays of sunshine with many uses in herbal medicine. They grow prolifically throughout the Victoria area. Calendula is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and wound healing. It is also wonderful used topically on the skin as an infused oil in products such as salves, lotions and lip balms.

Organic Matricaria recutita flower (Chamomile)
Chamomile is relaxing and a gut savior! It is anti-inflammatory, wound healing, helps alleviate gas and bloating, and is a muscle relaxant. These are just some of the reasons why chamomile is such a popular herbal tea.  

Organic Rosa canina (Rose hips)
After the beautiful petals of a rose have fallen the fruit that develops is known as rose hips. They are high in vitamin C, antioxidants and have a wonderful sweet sour taste. Rose hips are used for colds, fever, headaches, sore throats and stress.

Organic Sambucus nigra berry (Elderberry)
This little berry is packed with antioxidants and has both antiviral and immune boosting properties.  Elderberry has a long historical use to treat cold and flu symptoms. It’s also very effective as a syrup.

Organic Zingiber officinale root (Ginger)
The spicy sweet undertone in the tea is ginger. It’s wonderful for warming the digestive system, alleviating nausea and improving peripheral circulation, as well as the immune system. Ginger is another herb commonly used for colds and flus.

The tea bags are 100% biodegradable, made from 100% natural unbleached paper, sustainably harvested Canadian and American wood pulp (Cut 1 tree, plant 2). 

Caution: It is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. Allergy to Compositae/Asteraceae. May have come in contact with potential allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or soy.  Oats are gluten free, however some people may have cross-reactivity to avenins.  

This information is for educational use only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.

We hope you love your tea mix and wanted to send out a VERY huge thank you to all our 2019 clients.  Merry Christmas. We are so very blessed to be able to do what we do year after year and simply wouldn't be able to do it with the support we receive.  


Part 2: Dramatic, Bold, Luxurious Wedding Reception at Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC, Canada

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

If you missed Part 1 of this incredible wedding held at The Fairmont Empress, Victoria, BC, make sure you check back on a blog post, it's really worth the gander.  The stunning wedding party here stepped outside the heritage hotel and the bridal party sure looked dashing as they explore the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada in mis matched gowns, laughter and all the sunny fun!


Centrepieces featured the same lovely colour palette as the ceremony, buckling with rose beauty galore - it truly was all about the rose in this wedding. Trend Decor fused the traditional blue and white ceramic vases to pay homage to the traditions within the family and we absolutely LOVED filling them with a stunning, luxe display of primarily roses, in custom colours such as burnt oranges, blush, peaches and deep reds, however items such as blue tweedia, agonies greens and burgundy ranunculus were also highlighted in the design.  I would say, these beauties where a perfect fit marrying both traditional values and modern takes.

We absolutely LOVE what Trend Decor did with the signing table.  Using a variety of different elements such as umbrellas, fan and family pictures, this table was absolutely stunning and a perfect spot to pay homage to the joining of two families.  

Michele decided to switch out of her stunning traditional Canadian gown, into a stunning heritage gown for the reception.  The outstanding cake created by The Fairmont Empress, Victoria BC, show cased a spiral of stunning florals within the palette colours.  What a cake!


The perfect end to the perfect day!  Going out in a sparkler sent off, is well, probably one of my favourite ways to exit into a whole new beginning together.  Thank you Michele and Bryan for allowing us to be apart of your very special day.

- Venue - 
Victoria, BC, Canada

- Planning - 

- Decor - 

- Photography - 

- Drapery - 

Part 1: Dramatic, Bold, Luxurious Award Winning Wedding Ceremony at Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC, Canada

Photo credit:  Rivkah Photography

Michele and Bryan's wedding was a beautiful blend of elegance and rich colours with family traditions incorporated throughout and it was simply stunning with ALL the right details in all the right locations.  This wedding also won us, BEST WEDDING FLORALS via Vancouver Island Wedding Awards, 2018 and took finalist positions for BC Wedding Awards - Best Wedding Florals - and we were absolutely thrilled (thank you Rivkah Photography for providing the most stunning photos of our work!).   There's so many photographs and so many details, we have broken this wedding down into 2 parts.  Enjoy part 1.



Florals featured rich and bold colours such as red and toffee roses, calla lilies, ranunculus, and lush, cascading greens. Texture and muted tones were added using various types of eucalyptus and italian ruscus. The large arrangements on the mantle provided a stunning backdrop and really enhanced the ceremony location held at The Fairmont Empress, Victoria BC.  We were simply thrilled with all the product that arrived for this wedding, everything performed incredible well.  We are always awe-struck at what nature provides.  Thankful for our nature candy and uber thankful for the talented flower farmers that work relentlessly year round to provide the most delish product!

The Fairmont Empress Hotel never disappoints! The Good Party planned the perfect day and brought the couple's vision to life while Trend Decor incorporated unique elements to pay homage to the traditional values of the family.  

- Venue - 
Fairmont Empress Hotel
Victoria, BC, Canada

- Planning - 
The Good Party

- Decor - 
Trend Decor

- Photography - 
Rivkah Photos

- Drapery - 
Designer Wedding Rentals

West Coast Inspired Wedding on Beautiful Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC

Sunday, 29 September 2019

What's better then hanging with your best friend in a classic ride, on a sunny day, in beautiful Victoria, BC?  Getting hitched of course!  Janelle and Simon celebrated in true style, just the way we like it.

The girls spent the morning getting ready at one of our favourite studios, Heartwood & Co.  There space is uber airy and really inviting!  Highly recommend!

The ceremony location was oceanside at The Beach House Restaurant, obviously a beautiful west coast spot.  

Janelle and Simon are all smiles, love and laughter while shooting portrait shots with the uber talent of Luke Liable Photography.    Congrats guys!  

These lovely ladies' bouquets are filled with eucalyptus, anemones, locally grown dahlia (right here on our island) stock flowers, garden roses, cosmos, hanging jasmine vine and succulents from our personal cutting garden, also white hypericum berries.  Janelle requested a modern cascade bouquet to hold, while her lovely maids held hand- tieds.   I am also absolutely LOVING the soft hues of these maids gowns, simply perfection!  


I love the landscape our island provides.  From oceanside splendour, to wild forests, to an almost Palm Springs vibe from areas with desert feels.  This couple had it all!

Finishing the evening off with a few sunset photos, definitely a great idea!  We loved working with this couple and wish them much happiness and love all their lives!

Xo - The Platinum Team

Sophisticated Outdoor Wedding - Galiano Island, Bodega Ridge BC, Canada - Award Winning Wedding

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Where do we start? This wonderful couple had an amazing vision for their wedding and pulled out all the stops for a stunning and unforgettable day located on Galiano Island, Bodega Ridge, BC, Canada! This incredible day caught the eye of many others and won Best Canadian West Wedding at the 2018 Wedding Bells Awards, and took home a finalist position via Vancouver Island Weddings Awards - Best Bridal Bouquet 2018.  Our team traveled to Galiano the day prior to set up our 'traveling floral studio',  slowly taking over one of our Airbnb rentals, bringing all our gear and our best game faces on to provide this couple with one memorable day.  What a blast!

The bridal bouquet has so many amazing elements in it including: alabaster garden roses, juliet garden roses, blue delphinium, lisianthus, spray roses, scabiosa, sweet peas, spray roses, and eucalyptus. We were lucky enough to get our hands on locally grown items right here on Vancouver Island.  

The gorgeous colour palette continues in the boutonnieres with spray roses, hypericum and eucalyptus and tied in beautifully with the grooms tie choice. 

Wild smilax, eucalyptus and other locally foraged greens form the base of this stunning ceremony arch perched on top of Bodega Ridges ceremony location with a most stunning view of the ocean and surrounding islands.  Truly a west coast vibe.
Flowers include blue delphinium, spray roses, and juliet garden roses. 

The special feature of this arch are the small white spray roses throughout adding that fantastic texture. They are a special spray rose grown locally on the island by Lorna at Ninebark Farm. They only bloom a couple weeks of the year, so timing was just all too perfect to use them in this arch. We love sourcing locally when possible and supporting small businesses in our community.  Truly making our displays just that much more amazing.

No one was forgotten on this special day! The greenery collar looks adorable on the couple's furry friend. Bud vases and lanterns were cascading from reception to ceremony area.  No detail was left to the way side.


Emerald green bud vases provided by Trend Decor added so much depth to the lounge displays, just can't get enough.  

Long table greenery and lounge areas filled the reception tents provided by The Wise Co. for an intimate evening amongst friends and family.
The hanging installation on this dance floor truly made for an epic display! Wild smilax, locally sourced greens and lights hang overhead creating a truly magical space. 

What better way to finish off all the celebrations than this shared special moment for the bride and groom. Cheers to these two lovelies!  

- Venue - 
Bodega Ridge, Galiano Island, BC

- Planning - 
The Good Party

- Decor - 
Trend Decor
The Wise Co.

- Photography - 
Shari and Mike Photograhers

Intimate Outdoor Wedding at Beach House, Victoria, BC, Canada

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

This intimate outdoor wedding in Victoria, BC, Canada was driven with a  true west coast style with the ceremony on the beach and reception at the Beach House in Cordova Bay and we absolutely LOVED the look. Luke Liable Photography works his magic again and captures such a beautiful day.

Flower crowns, lace gowns and stunning hand held bouquets, simply cannot get any better then this my friends.  

These bouquets included anemone, dahlias, lisianthis, veronica, hypericum, spray roses, hydrangea, queen anne's lace, eucalyptus, and dusty miller to complete this soft, classic white and green palette.


The long table reception at Beach House was simple and elegant with the head table hosting natural eucalyptus garland.  The naked cake was a classic beauty consisting of dahlia, white hypericum berry and touches of the eucalyptus.

The floral crown completes this west coast style wedding utilizing the flowers on the backside for a more dainty look above.  What style, what glam and our team was thrilled to be apart of a magical day filled with magical love.  Wishing this couple nothing but happiness and health in all their future.

- Venue -
Beach House
Victoria, BC, Canada

- Photography -
Luke Liable Photography

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