2020 Wedding Floral Trends

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Photo Credit: Samba Joy 

Now that we are half way through our 2020 wedding booking season, we thought we would round up some of the most popular, trending floral choices for weddings!!!! 

Photo Credit:  Emily Nicole Photography

Disclaimer:  All images used are of Platinum Floral Designs works.  

Our pick:  Number 1

Pampas grass!  

From ceremony decor to centrepieces to bridal bouquets, we are seeing pampas grass EVERYWHERE! Even in the tiniest details like boutonnieres and corsages.  Pampas grass is a great choice especially creating a boho look.  Thick lush and just the right neutral tone to make a huge impact in any display.  Looking for something with a little more colour?  We have also been dying our pampas grass in all sorts, think blush tones, bleached in white, burgandy and if you've brave enough, deep blues, oranges as yellows.  

Check out what we created for The Good Party's re-brand party.

Let's talk pricing:  Pampas grass ranges from $12 to $24CAD a stem depending on time of year and where it's shipped from.  Note: we are located on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, BC - and pricing may vary depending on your location :) 

Photo Credit:  Rivkah Photography

Our Pick:  Number 2


Photo Credit:  Emily Nicole Photography

2020 brings tropical vibes infused with local treasures.  Anthurium, King Protea, Ginger and lush tropical foliage such as monstera, banana and palms are amongst some of the most popular requests.

Pricing here in Canada (Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC) - you can expect to pay a wee bit more to import tropical blooms and foliage Pricing ranges from $9 - $60CAD depending on variety used

Photo Credit:  Ameris 

Our Pick:  Number 3 

Bold Colour Palettes

Photo Credit: Samba Joy

Yes!  That's right, you bride to be's are getting extremely bold and brave and we couldn't thank you enough.  Our team here at Platinum Floral Designs, simply LOVE creating colourful and bold florals for you to hold, get married under, or admire over your reception dinner.  In our 11 years of working the wedding floral industry, I have never seen more colour than I am this year!  Think corals, rich hues of oranges, yellows, purples. pinks, blues and even combining them in unlikely palettes sure makes for one artfully inspired day!  

Photo Credit:  Tulle and Tweed Photography 

Photo Credit:  Lilly Ann Photography

Our Pick:  Number 4 

Minimal Greens, Focal Flowers

Photo Credit:  Shari & Mike

A few years ago, trending was wild greens, especially eucalyptus bursting out of bridal and maids bouquets, however that trend has weeded itself out over the years and we are now seeing fuller displays of flowers, using primarily focal flowers to construct the bouquets.  Assymetrical shaped bouquets continue to be strong in 2020.

Photo Credit:  Meghan Hemstra Photography

Photo Credit:  Christie Graham Photography 

Our Pick:  Number 5
Garden Rose
The Most Requested Flower

Garden roses, truly speak for themselves.  With their romantic furling petals, incredible scents and a huge range of colours, there is no wonder they are highly requested.  We also use them in replace of peony when clients are getting married out of peony season.  We love them, you love them and we are thankful for our world wide growers who are continually improving their vase life, their colour options, size, shapes and colours.  
Pricing for garden roses vary from $9.50 to $15CAD a stem - depending on variety and availability 

Our Pick:  Number 6

Photo Credit: Collective Gen

My most favourite florist technique recently has been reflexing roses, and ALL of them - or as many as I can!!! It's a little hidden secret event florists LOVE to use.  We caress open and flip the rose petals starting from the exterior and working inwards towards the centre.  Not only does it double the display, it also makes your roses POP with romance on a whole new level.  Although this technique can be a wee bit time consuming, especially doing 100's of stems at a time, it's absolutely worth it all.  

There you have it, our top 6 trending 2020 wedding floral trends.  

Photo Credit:  Lily Ann Photography 

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