Part 2: Dramatic, Bold, Luxurious Wedding Reception at Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC, Canada

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

If you missed Part 1 of this incredible wedding held at The Fairmont Empress, Victoria, BC, make sure you check back on a blog post, it's really worth the gander.  The stunning wedding party here stepped outside the heritage hotel and the bridal party sure looked dashing as they explore the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada in mis matched gowns, laughter and all the sunny fun!


Centrepieces featured the same lovely colour palette as the ceremony, buckling with rose beauty galore - it truly was all about the rose in this wedding. Trend Decor fused the traditional blue and white ceramic vases to pay homage to the traditions within the family and we absolutely LOVED filling them with a stunning, luxe display of primarily roses, in custom colours such as burnt oranges, blush, peaches and deep reds, however items such as blue tweedia, agonies greens and burgundy ranunculus were also highlighted in the design.  I would say, these beauties where a perfect fit marrying both traditional values and modern takes.

We absolutely LOVE what Trend Decor did with the signing table.  Using a variety of different elements such as umbrellas, fan and family pictures, this table was absolutely stunning and a perfect spot to pay homage to the joining of two families.  

Michele decided to switch out of her stunning traditional Canadian gown, into a stunning heritage gown for the reception.  The outstanding cake created by The Fairmont Empress, Victoria BC, show cased a spiral of stunning florals within the palette colours.  What a cake!


The perfect end to the perfect day!  Going out in a sparkler sent off, is well, probably one of my favourite ways to exit into a whole new beginning together.  Thank you Michele and Bryan for allowing us to be apart of your very special day.

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